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Super Mario KartSuper Mario Kart

In this game, the player will control the eight characters in the series with their own unique capabilities. Capabilities you can use in winning each race.

Super Mario WorldSuper Mario World

Play as Mario and help your friend Yoshi rescue Princess Toadstool in this wonderful classic game – Super Mario World!

Super Mario All StarsSuper Mario All Stars

Super Mario All Stars is a SNES game that contained Super Mario, Super Mario 2, and Super Mario 3 for the NES but all with updated graphics.

Crazy Mario WorldCrazy Mario World

This game is pretty crazy to be honest so the name is fitting. You might even call them crazy! It plays just like Super Mario World but is much harder.

Super Mario Kart 8Super Mario Kart 8

Super Mario Kart 8 is a demake of Mario Kart 8. Now, for the first time ever, you can experience a new Mario Kart Game as it would be in the days of the SNES!

Super Mario RpgSuper Mario Rpg

Play as Super Mario and enter tactical turn-based combat against monsters and enemies to save the land!

Brutal Mario WorldBrutal Mario World

This has well made fun levels that will keep you playing, the game is difficult so try your best and keep on saving your progress.

Banzai Mario WorldBanzai Mario World

This game was designed for players of all skill levels and features many new mechanics such as double jumps, shapeshifting enemies and wallkicks.

Super Mario ArcadeSuper Mario Arcade

No overworld or backward scrolling in this game. Grab all the lives you can because there are no continues!

Dr Mario World House CallsDr Mario World House Calls

Go inside patients’ houses and go inside of them to kill viruses. Very fun game that still retains a classic Super Mario World feel.

Super Mario World 2010Super Mario World 2010

This game features the star road secret levels. You must beat all 7 regular levels before you can proceed to the 8th and final level.

Super Mario World Buried TreasureSuper Mario World Buried Treasure

It takes place in the desert where Mario is seeking to find lost legendary treasure. He can use the riches to better the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario Kart RMario Kart R

It contains all new courses, brand new graphics, altered music and even Kirby as a playable character, replacing toad.

Mario Daisys KidnappingMario Daisys Kidnapping

Daisy has been kidnapped by Bowser and he even took away all the power stars! Go on an adventure to rescue the princess in Super Mario: Daisy’s Kidnapping!

Superstar Mario WorldSuperstar Mario World

While Mario was asleep, Bowser didn't just kidnapp Peach, but also the Yoshi's and Luigi! they need to be saved! Have fun! With 7 Worlds and over 50 Levels.

Yoshis Strange QuestYoshis Strange Quest

This classic features 71 new levels, plenty of unique gimmicks, and the usually silliness and weirdness that you would expect from a game starring Yoshi.

Marios Strange QuestMarios Strange Quest

Mario embarks on a quest to find the seven Yoshi eggs that Bowser stole. Why did Bowser steal the eggs in the first place? You have to play to find out!

Gywalls Super Mario WorldGywalls Super Mario World

A Mario World version featuring Rainbow Road but with a vast array of enemies in your way. Can you beat this level?

Super Mario 2D LandSuper Mario 2D Land

Super Mario 2D Land a fun revision of SMW created by a fan. This game has a great story and is very fun to play with great unique level design and graphics.

Super Wario WorldSuper Wario World

Wario has entered a strange new world full of ice, enemies, and a whole lot of mystery. WARNING - game is a bit glitchy.

Coolmarios Super Mario WorldCoolmarios Super Mario World

A fun rom version of Super Mario World with all new levels to challenge the heck out of you. Good luck!

Mario Rescues Golden MushroomMario Rescues Golden Mushroom

The Golden Mushroom was stolen by Bowser! Mario must defeat him and retrieve it to return to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario World 2 Yoshis IslandMario World 2 Yoshis Island

The game stars Yoshi and the Yoshi clan who travel across Yoshi’s Island while carrying Baby Mario to rescue Baby Luigi from Baby Bowser and his minions.

Peachs AdventurePeachs Adventure

Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure is a full scale adventure, with 8 main Worlds, a special 9th World, and tons of secrets and post-game content!

Yoshis Cookie SnesYoshis Cookie Snes

Clear the playing field of all the cookies by matching entire rows or columns with the same cookie type.

Super Mario 2 Dream CoursesSuper Mario 2 Dream Courses

Mario is trapped in a nightmare and must defeat King Wart to escape. Amazing gameplay and level designs.

Automatic MarioAutomatic Mario

If you time jumps just right, things will happen... automatically

Kola Kingdom QuestKola Kingdom Quest

This is a very fun version. It feels like an original idea and the sprite work is well done. The overworlds are well designed as well.

Mario Bros 2 Mega Mario XMario Bros 2 Mega Mario X

The released powder creates a magic door into the world of Subcon. Emerging from this door are Wart and his companion.

New Super Mario World 1New Super Mario World 1

Bowser sotle the twelve magic orbs from Peach's Castle, now Mario must got them back. Features: 94 levels and 112 exits, Custom Music, Custom ASM, And More...

Excite Bike Bun Bun MarioExcite Bike Bun Bun Mario

Play as 5 characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, or Toad in this Excitebike clone but featuring Mario characters.

Mario Is Missing 2Mario Is Missing 2

This version of Super Mario World is what Mario is Missing SHOULD HAVE been. It stars Luigi and features new levels.

Invaders of Mushroom KingdomInvaders of Mushroom Kingdom

Mario is on his way to visit Toadsworth. All 7 Kings of Mushroom World are trapped! Mushroom Kingdom has been invaded by monsters.

Mario PaintMario Paint

Create artwork, animations, music, and more in this Mario style art game. Keyboard is used not your mouse!

Mario The Lost Adventure IMario The Lost Adventure I

It’s a complete Super Mario World version that features: 80 stages (more than the original game), Custom music, Custom Boss battles, And more…

Mario The Lost Adventure IIMario The Lost Adventure II

This version features: 79 new levels(more than the original SMW), Over 100 custom music, Custom graphics, New boss fights, New power ups, And more…

Mario The Lost Adventure IIIMario The Lost Adventure III

This is a complete SMW version that features: 95 new levels, Over 150 custom music, Play as Princess Peach in certain levels, And more…

Legend of LuigiLegend of Luigi

This game is based on the side story of Luigi taken place around the same time of Super Mario World.

Mario vs Bowser Mighty No 9Mario vs Bowser Mighty No 9

This Super Mario World version features an amazing crossover with Mighty No. 9, Megaman, Sonic and others. All the levels have been changed, music has been redone.

Mario Kart Crazy TracksMario Kart Crazy Tracks

The first Mario Kart game ever. There are four cups to race each with 5 tracks a-piece. Excellent multiplayer game. Co-op or versus.

New Super Mario LandNew Super Mario Land

King Wart has kidnapped Princess Peach! Features a whole new world and custom powerups to grab.

Luigi AdventureLuigi Adventure

For all you completionists out there, the original Luigi Adventure was harder and not in English.

Mario World After Years UltraMario World After Years Ultra

Many years into the future, after the former heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom no longer exist; strange events begin to take place when the new antagonist: Nova, moves onto the island.

Super Mario Rpg ArmageddonSuper Mario Rpg Armageddon

It rebalances the entire game and adds a lot more post-game content, such as more FF bosses, two boss rushes, and even some special guests!

New Super Mario World 2New Super Mario World 2

The sequel to NSMW1 The 12 Magic Orbs, this version features 16 different worlds and 90+ unique levels filled with challenge and secrets.

Tetris Dr MarioTetris Dr Mario

This is a case where you take 2 great games and combine them to form another great game!

Kaizo Mario WorldKaizo Mario World

The game includes difficult, precision jumps; multiple obstacles at once; and many, many nasty traps along the way.

Luigi Adventure Overseas EditionLuigi Adventure Overseas Edition

This is the work which remade “Luigi’s Adventure” which is the first item to a base in “Luigi’s Adventure” for foreign countries.

Super Mario Bros 2 DeluxeSuper Mario Bros 2 Deluxe

Here is a full ROM version for Super Mario World where you return to the world of Sub-Con to rescue the subcons and the princess from Bowser!

Mario and WarioMario and Wario

Wario decides to play a trick on Mario, and puts a bucket on his head. A kind fairy guides Mario through a puzzle to get to the goal.

All Stars SMB3 TMAll Stars SMB3 TM

Super Mario All-Stars is an updated SNES collection of the four Super Mario Bros. games. When selecting a game, be sure to choose Super Mario 3.

Kaizo Mario World 2Kaizo Mario World 2

If you are looking for more torture. Try getting past even the 1st stage of this insanely hard game.

Kaizo Mario World 3Kaizo Mario World 3

It features extremely sadistic, unique and groundbreaking level design. To get by the cactus jack, perfectly time a spin jump under him. After that, I have no idea!

Mario World Vanilla LDCMario World Vanilla LDC

A Level Design Contest (LDC) with 108 contest submissions. You can freely walk and access ALL levels at start.

Marios Treasure Hunt 2Marios Treasure Hunt 2

In this adventure you must recover Toad’s lost treasure which has been stolen. With 75 exits, new graphics, and 24 custom boss fights.

Mario In MidgardMario In Midgard

A pretty neat little story also, enjoy! Mario enters the land of Midgard expecting to find Bowser. However, he finds something MUCH worse...

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario WorldSuper Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World is a compilation title for the SNES. It includes all the games from Super Mario All-Stars, as well as Super Mario World.

Mario Bros Lost Levels 2Mario Bros Lost Levels 2

Plays like Mario 1 but with improved graphics and the overworld map of Super Mario World. A bit choppy at times.

Mario Return to Dinosaur LandMario Return to Dinosaur Land

All the levels and worlds are new, and some of the worlds have themes not present in the original game, such as a water world and an ice world.

Franks Super Mario WorldFranks Super Mario World

A difficult but not super unbelievably Kaizo difficult Mario World game that veterans should love but newbs will not.

Marios Crystal Island AdventureMarios Crystal Island Adventure

Our hero has crash landed on a strange land. Oh and Princess Peach has gone and got herself captured again!

Super Mario Bros 7Super Mario Bros 7

Super Mario World but completely redesigned with new levels and sprites and lots of other good stuff.

Super Mario Joybush RoadSuper Mario Joybush Road

Mario went for a walk one day and suddenly found himself lost! Can he find his way back home?

Super Mario OmegaSuper Mario Omega

Princess has been kidnapped and taken to the mysterious Gemtoa region. Mario must battle the Koopa Kids to save her!

Mario Must DieMario Must Die

Bowser got tired of losing all the time so he hired some devious engineers to design horribly difficult levels. Also, some segments are kinda fast-paced.

Mario World Kameks IslandMario World Kameks Island

This version features 70 levels and 82 exits spread across 7 worlds. Difficulty ranges from easy in the early levels to medium-hard near the end-game.

Marios Double TroubleMarios Double Trouble

Big Boo has captured Princess Peach! Mario must traverse the dangerous Fanta Fields in order to rescue her.

Marios KeytastropheMarios Keytastrophe

Upon hearing the news of a new land called Melodia, Mario quickly hurries to see the wonders of it. However, he will see far more...

Marios Castle TrialMarios Castle Trial

Mario must navigate through some tricky castles as well as the levels beyond in this short but fun version.

Mario Elemental QuestMario Elemental Quest

A familiar starting message but an unfamiliar world await Mario in this one. Has all new levels to play.

Mario Master 2Mario Master 2

Mario Master 2 is a very cool version of Super Mario World. New levels, graphics, and well thought out enemy placements to challenge the seasoned Mario gamer.

Master Mario Bros SMWMaster Mario Bros SMW

A fun version with challenging new levels to play through and some new tiles as well. Hint: You need the Yellow Switches active to go right at the beginning!

Return To Super Mario WorldReturn To Super Mario World

Princess Peach has been kidnapped yet again. A whole new version to explore with all new levels and some new gfx too.

Super Mario WussSuper Mario Wuss

That keeps all the original SMW levels, but removes all the enemies, covers up pits, and has extra lives galore.

Mario World Hell EditionMario World Hell Edition

Prepare to face a world of carnage and destruction that lies under Super Mario World.

Mario Bermuda TriangleMario Bermuda Triangle

Mario has sailed into the Bermuda Triangle! A storm has crashed your ship on a mysterious island. Can you escape?

Super Mario World Plus 5Super Mario World Plus 5

A prequel to the original Super Mario World that tells the story of how Mario became the hero he is today.

Super Mario World Plus 6Super Mario World Plus 6

Rumors persist of a sunken ship filled with treasure in a mysterious land of Kelpa. Can Mario find the lost treasure?

Super Mario World Plus 4Super Mario World Plus 4

One day Mario sets sail on his boat but a terrible storm causes him to crash on an island. Will Mario ever escape?

Super Mario World Plus 2Super Mario World Plus 2

The peaceful land called Mystical Island has been taken over by Mozart. The Blue Yoshi will aid you on your quest!

Super Mario World Plus 3Super Mario World Plus 3

Toad told Mario to come to this land but an imposing Guard Fortress blocks the entrance...

Super Mario World WinterSuper Mario World Winter

Completely redone levels featuring a wintry theme and lots of new challenges for Mario to take on.

Mario WednesdayMario Wednesday

This game has a completely new world to explore including new sprites and levels.

Mario World Death LandMario World Death Land

This game consists of ten levels. Expect it to be harder than the original game but not as hard as some of the version out there.

Super Mario World PlusSuper Mario World Plus

Bowser's brother Mozart (what?) has kidnapped the Princess and all the Yoshis too. Only Mario can save the day!

Yet Another Mario WorldYet Another Mario World

A fantastic albeit difficult version of Super Mario World that is still loads of fun to play.

Mario the ArchaeologistMario the Archaeologist

Mario is sent out by Peach to get her some artifacts. Mario must explore ancient pyramids and old catacombs in search of special treasures for Princess Peach.

Mario The Archaeologist 2Mario The Archaeologist 2

The second chapter to the story of Mario the Archaeologist. Collect the artifacts that Peach desires and complete the game.

Super Mario World UltimaSuper Mario World Ultima

A short but challenging 2 level version featuring sharp new graphics. There is also 1 secret exit. Can you find it?

Mario Ultimate Mayhem 5Mario Ultimate Mayhem 5

ario must explore the legendary mirror world or mystery in this awesome version.

SMW Princess RescueSMW Princess Rescue

This version is more focused on the vanila elements and the level design, it features new levels, custom music, Super Mario World and Super Mario Maker Graphics...

Princess Rescue 2 Luigis JourneyPrincess Rescue 2 Luigis Journey

Here you plays as Luigi in an adventure to save Princess Daisy behind the scenes of Mario’s adventure on the first game.

Mario World Boss CollectionMario World Boss Collection

The player is able to fight against 77 bosses, including all the original Super Mario World bosses, bosses from other games, and bosses created by other users!

Super Mario World RedrawnSuper Mario World Redrawn

For those who just want to play Super Mario World with the new graphics and not mess with Lunar Magic, this patch has been created for your convenience.

Marios Time Machine SNESMarios Time Machine SNES

Bowser has used the Timulator to steal artifacts. Mario must return the artifacts to save history.

Super Mario OceanSuper Mario Ocean

Bowser in still kidnapped the Princess. While Mario follows it, it found themselves in a new ocean. Mario owes now saved Peach, and then taken in the kingdom Mushroom.

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